Two Jindo Dogs

I’ve been re-processing some of my old shots from Korea recently, and two of the shots I did were of Jindo Gae, the national dogs of Korea that originated on the island I used to live on.  Here are the two shots.  The top photo was my first ever shot of a Jindo Gae (as well as one of my photos from my first day in Korea in general), and remains my favorite.  The second photo is of “Sadie”, a starving Jindo Gae that I temporarily adopted for a few months until her owner started taking better care of her.


Fall in the Berkshires

I recently found an old archive of original files from the year I spent living in my truck, driving all over the east coast.  Some of my favorite photos are also the ones that provoke the most nostalgia for me: my photos of fall in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, where I went to college.  While Virginia has a longer period of fall foliage, there is no beating the intensity of color to be found in New England in late September/early October.

These photos were all taken with my old Canon 30D, in the fall of 2007.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Orange, yellow, and gold.

A hint of green is still left!


The beautiful blue skies of fall.

Yellow sugar maple.

Hampshire College’s sugaring shack.

Hampshire College’s Maple Sugar Shack.

Hampshire College’s community farm center.

Hampshire College’s library.



Fire on the ground.

An original Hadley farmhouse from 1778.

18th century homes on West St.

My dream home, on Hadley’s former main street.

An original Hadley farmhouse from 1763.

West Street, including the longest town common in Massachusetts. This was the street upon which the village of Hadley was founded.

My favorite street in the whole wide world.



Last week I went down to La Plata, Maryland to make strawberry jam with a friend of mine.  We took several breaks throughout the day, and at one point her husband called us out into the yard to see something.  It was a black rat snake!  Now, most of you probably don’t know this, but I love snakes, and I used to have six of them as pets when I was a kid.  Rat snakes are not poisonous and are typically fairly friendly, so I picked the 3.5 foot long snake up off the ground.  It was very friendly and I held it and played with it for several minutes.  Though my friend graciously took some photos of me holding the snake, I took some of my own while holding the snake!  It took some careful maneuvering, especially since the snake was constantly in motion, but I like some of the shots I got, and this one is most definitely my favorite.