New Single-Subject Blog: After Happy Hour

So, earlier this year I started going into DC more often.  I live 15 minutes by metro from one of the most diverse cities in the country, but I rarely go into “the city”.  I’ve been trying to change this, as I want to experience DC a bit more, especially since Marc and I have been trying to transfer to somewhere less urban, or at least less expensive.

Even though I could drive, I enjoy taking the metro into the city.  It’s a great people-watching opportunity.  Plus, since I am usually going in in the evenings, I get to watch all the stragglers coming home after the ubiquitous DC happy hours.  One night I started taking black and white photographs of the passengers, both on the trains and waiting at the stations, and I was inspired to make this new Tumblr blog.  Take a look at the blog through the link below, as the photos on this post are just a small sampling of what I have over there:

After Happy Hour