Biplanes & Triplanes Sneak Peeks!

I’m far from finished editing the photos from last weekend’s Biplanes & Triplanes event at the Virginia Military Aviation Museum, but I figured that I should post a few early favorites.  I had a great time at the airshow, despite high winds preventing any flying on Sunday.  I hope you enjoy these few shots!




Before & After: Fokker at Sunrise

Some of the most beautiful photographs are taken during sunrise, sunset, or the famous “magic hour”.  The soft, colorful, diffuse light present in these situation often lends itself well to some truly gorgeous shots.  However, sometimes the light, your camera, or other factors conspire against you and you’re not able to really capture the atmosphere of those dawn/dusk moments.

While I was shooting the Virginia Beach “Biplanes and Triplanes” show, I woke up at 6am one morning to get shots of some of the planes taking off for some early morning flights.  The light was great, but my camera had some trouble capturing the nuances of the soft, pink light and the golden hue of the sunrise.  One of my guiding principles when it comes to my processing is that I process my photos to look the way I perceived the moment.  The processing I did below was meant to give the beauty back to the sunrise-lit moment that I saw.

Here is the before and after comparison, side by side:

Click below to see what I changed, why I changed it, and how!

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