Sneak Peeks: Alexa & Clayton at Battle of the Hook

So, when I was at the Battle of the Hook back in October, I had two sets of couples sign up for portrait sessions.  I really love doing these reenactor portraits, as it’s a really unusual take on the typical “engagement” or “couple” photos that you see floating around everywhere these days.  They’re fun because they combine two people’s passion for their hobby with their love of one another, and I find that to be a beautiful thing.

Without further ado, here are some of my shots of one of the couples, Alexa and Clayton:


The Germans are coming to New Oxford

A couple weeks ago I attended “The Liberation of New Oxford” in New Oxford, PA.  For this WWII event, the small town dresses itself up as a wartime French village.  Locals and visitors alike gather in the town square as an invading force of Germans eventually arrives and takes over the town.  Almost immediately they start getting pushback from local resistance groups, and eventually a large force of Americans arrives and helps overthrow the German occupation of the town.  This was my first time attending the event and I was impressed by how well it was done.  Huge numbers of reenactors, multiple fly-bys of a C-47 that was “dropping paratroopers”, well over a dozen vehicles, and the whole thing was generally well-orchestrated.  I would highly recommend the event.

Next year I will take a different, less centralized position for my photos (perhaps even joining in with the French Resistance unit I belong to that attended the event), but I am still really happy with what I got this year.  I hope that you enjoy them!  As always, just click the image to see a larger version.


New Single-Subject Blog: After Happy Hour

So, earlier this year I started going into DC more often.  I live 15 minutes by metro from one of the most diverse cities in the country, but I rarely go into “the city”.  I’ve been trying to change this, as I want to experience DC a bit more, especially since Marc and I have been trying to transfer to somewhere less urban, or at least less expensive.

Even though I could drive, I enjoy taking the metro into the city.  It’s a great people-watching opportunity.  Plus, since I am usually going in in the evenings, I get to watch all the stragglers coming home after the ubiquitous DC happy hours.  One night I started taking black and white photographs of the passengers, both on the trains and waiting at the stations, and I was inspired to make this new Tumblr blog.  Take a look at the blog through the link below, as the photos on this post are just a small sampling of what I have over there:

After Happy Hour


Sneak Peeks: Amalgamated Classic Clothing & Dry Goods

A week ago today I had the opportunity to be part of something I’ve never done before:  a large scale fashion shoot, complete with stylists, makeup and wardrobe specialists, even a second shooter.  There were almost a dozen models, with multiple looks each, so I have a lot of editing on my plate.  For now I’ve been testing out a few processing “looks” for the client (i.e. just simple exposure/color/etc editing, no photoshopping) so that she can decide on what style she wants for the final product.  Even though I’m far from finished with these images, I’m still really pleased with how they have come out thus far, and so I figured I’d show some of them to you all as well.



Defiance & Independence at Fort Ticonderoga

Early tomorrow morning I am heading up to Fort Ticonderoga for my yearly expedition to shoot their biggest event of the year.  Ticonderoga is one of my favorite sites.  The fort itself has been preserved, maintained, and restored in a wonderful fashion, the setting is to die for, the staff is friendly, helpful, knowledgable, and well-organized, and I’m given pretty much free rein as a photographer.  They all make my job easy, so I try and give them equally great work.

Though I’m not looking forward to the 10 hour drive ahead of me, I am definitely looking forward to the shots I’ll get this weekend.  To celebrate, here are some of my favorite shots from last year’s “Defiance & Independence” event.


Playing with the Tokina 11-16mm F2.8

For my shoot this weekend, I decided to test out a “super wide” lens, so I’ve rented a Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 lens.  It’s one I’ve looked at before, but I had never gotten to shoot with it.  Rentals are actually a great way to test out a lens you’re thinking about buying, though the flip side is that it can lead to an awful lot of temptation!

The lens arrived later this evening, after most of the light in the neighborhood was gone, but I took a couple test shots inside our ill-lit apartment and pestered my favorite test subjects: our cats River and Simon.

I am astounded at how wide this lens is, and how much light it’s able to take in.  I’m seriously impressed for right now, but I’ll be sure to post a fuller review later.  For now, witness how utterly nonplussed our cats are:


Though I am mostly going to use the lens to capture Fort Ticonderoga’s architectural beauty, I may also use it to take some unique portraits, or heck, just to take some super wide landscape shots!  Just to give you an idea of how wide the lens is, here’s some “selfies” taken at the fully wide 11mm length:



Sully Plantation’s WWII Weekend

I originally thought that I wasn’t going to be able to attend the WWII living history event at Sully Plantation this past weekend, but a coworker of mine decided that he wanted more hours and offered to take my shift for me on Sunday, so that I could attend the event.  Marc and I were only there for four hours, and we were actively participating for most of the time, so I was only able to shoot for a few minutes, but I do like some of the shots I got.

Once again, I shot using my “free-lensing” technique that simulates a tilt-shift lens.  I really, really love what tilt-shift does for portraits, and I honestly think that a legitimate tilt-shift lens is probably in my future somewhere.  I really enjoy portraiture, and this technique has developed into something of a “look” for me, and having a real lens would make it just that much easier.

So, though I don’t have all that many shots, most of which are of my own French Resistance unit, I hope you enjoy them.

While I’m generally the one doing the shooting, Marc does occasionally pick up the camera for me.  He was generous enough to take a couple shots of me in our friend Hooper’s WWII vintage Jeep:


Mini-Session with the 43rd Regiment

One of the things I’ve been trying to focus on more with my work is booking sessions with specific units.  During Under The Redcoat, an event I attended a couple weeks ago, the 43rd Regiment of Foot had asked for some coverage of them at the event.  Unfortunately, due to a few things out of my control, I was only able to shoot them for about half an hour (and I will be making up the difference to them at this fall’s Battle of the Hook), but I’m very pleased with what I was able to get in such a short period of time.

I’d love to do more work like this in the future, so if you or anyone you know is looking to have some good PR shots taken for their unit, whether for personal use or for the unit website for recruitment purposes, please let me know.  It’s fun to do, and it can really help boost a unit’s image.

But enough about that, here are a few of the shots I got: