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Sneak Peeks: Alexa & Clayton at Battle of the Hook

The Germans are coming to New Oxford

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Have Camera, Will Travel

Defiance & Independence at Fort Ticonderoga

Playing with the Tokina 11-16mm F2.8

Sully Plantation’s WWII Weekend

Mini-Session with the 43rd Regiment

This Week’s KitCam Photos

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Single Shot: Sleeping Jindo Gae

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Henry & Edward

Fall Foliage Session: Chris & Natasha

On the Farm

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Two Jindo Dogs

Don’t Need No DSLR: Fixing Blurry Photos with Photographer Math

Single Shot: Boys & Video Games

Single Shot: Boats on Gagye Beach

Don’t need no DSLR: Using the Camera You Have

No, you don’t need a DSLR.

Single Shot: Chemin de Saint Etienne

Biplanes & Triplanes Sneak Peeks!

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Fall in the Berkshires

The Light Photographers Dream Of


Triptych: Tank Farm Portraits

Around the Corner

The Lumineers

Fort Ticonderoga Reconstructed Barracks

Instagrams from Tank Farm

Weekly Wrap-Up: An Island Vacation

Selects from Oriskany

Before & After: Early Morning in Camp

Neighborhood Dog

Busy Bee!

Back from Oriskany

Why I’m glad “The Mongolian Experiment” failed, and my new plans…

Lessons learned from my recent client snafu:

Figuring Out Reenactment Photography Packages: Unit Shadowing and Event Coverage

Clients who low-ball you…

Cooling Off in the Cheat River

Off to a good start!

Nicole & Todd at Smith’s Fort Plantation

What will/will not change when I start booking reenactor sessions:


Figuring out Reenactment Photography Packages: Individual and Unit Portraits

Hangeul at the Beach

Photos To Be Known For: Reenactor Portraits

NOOOOO!!! Sigma discontinued my primary lens!



Up in Smoke


A Few Shots of Chris and Kal

A Few Shots from Military Through the Ages

What do you want to see here?

Before & After: Fokker at Sunrise

Welcome to Behind the Glass!