Hi.  I’m Kelsey Freeman.  I like to shoot things.

After growing up in a family of professional photographers, I graduated in 2007 with a degree in photography and documentary production from Hampshire College and have been trying to wedge my foot in the door of the photography industry ever since.

People ask me all the time what I shoot, and my answer is always the same: “Things I want the world to know about.”  I have a passion for bringing to light the odd, the esoteric, the underrepresented parts of life that I worry would otherwise eventually fade into oblivion.

I have always been interested in and involved with some pretty unusual pastimes and subcultures and I find that they often make a great subject for my camera.  I have been involved in the world of historical reenacting for sixteen years and have started to use my expertise to try and bring to light the fascinating world behind the hobby.  I am also interested in equestrian culture, aviation, and have a strong nomadic streak which has taken me and my camera to various corners of the globe.  Lately I’ve been experimenting with shooting from horseback and have been working on a project involving Parkour athletes.

My work has been published by Harper Collins, Matador Network, The Korea Times, and various online sites.  Some of my past clients have included Fort Ticonderoga, the Army Heritage Center, Smith’s Fort Plantation, and Rock Ford Plantation.

Behind the Lens is my photography blog.  I focus heavily on helping new photographers learn to take and make better photographs, including a soon-to-launch member’s only section of tutorials and downloadables known as Ready Set Shoot.  It’s also here that I give my readers a glimpse into what my photographic process is, what it’s like to be a photographer trying to turn a passion into a living.  I do hope you’ll follow me along on that journey.

If you’d like to learn more about me, please check out the various blogs I run through the DriftingFocus Network.