Sully Plantation’s WWII Weekend

I originally thought that I wasn’t going to be able to attend the WWII living history event at Sully Plantation this past weekend, but a coworker of mine decided that he wanted more hours and offered to take my shift for me on Sunday, so that I could attend the event.  Marc and I were only there for four hours, and we were actively participating for most of the time, so I was only able to shoot for a few minutes, but I do like some of the shots I got.

Once again, I shot using my “free-lensing” technique that simulates a tilt-shift lens.  I really, really love what tilt-shift does for portraits, and I honestly think that a legitimate tilt-shift lens is probably in my future somewhere.  I really enjoy portraiture, and this technique has developed into something of a “look” for me, and having a real lens would make it just that much easier.

So, though I don’t have all that many shots, most of which are of my own French Resistance unit, I hope you enjoy them.

While I’m generally the one doing the shooting, Marc does occasionally pick up the camera for me.  He was generous enough to take a couple shots of me in our friend Hooper’s WWII vintage Jeep:

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