Off to a good start!

Portrait of Mateo Ehrlich as a Spanish Civil War commissar.

While I figured that I would start getting clients right away once DriftingFocus Photography was finally “open for business”, I never expected quite the volume of response that I’ve gotten in these past few weeks.  People seem eager to procure my services, and I am really happy to see that there is a demand for reenactment portraiture and event coverage, as I suspected there might be.  While I am still circumspect about my ability to make a full time living off of reenactment photography, it seems that it will at least be a larger portion of my business than I had initially projected!

In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten the following services booked:

  • Fort Ticonderoga | Defiance & Independence:  Official Event Photographer
  • Napoleonic Grand Tactical:  Official Event Photographer (tentative)
  • Battle of Oriskany:  2 Portrait Sessions, 1 Family Session

In addition to those, I have had several other folks tell me that they are anxious to hire me, next time that we’re at an event together.  So, things are looking very up for my budding business!

Over the next week or two, I will be working on finally getting my “Rates & Services” page up, in order to make it easier to hire me.  I’m also going to be working on writing up a page about the benefits of hiring me to cover a reenacting unit or event, as virtually every unit I’ve ever shot has reported increased recruitment afterward, an almost every event I’ve shot has reported increased attendance in the following years.  I hate writing marketing stuff, but it’s one of the most crucial parts of this business and sadly, cannot be ignored.

I’ll put up some shots from this past weekend’s Spanish Civil War event sometime today or tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!

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2 Responses to Off to a good start!

  1. Cassidy says:

    Excellent, I’m glad this is working out for you! If I see you at Fort Ti, I’ll be sure to say hello. When you’re attending as an official photographer, are you planning to dress in civvies or to blend in with the reenactors?

    • Kelsey Freeman says:

      When I’m an official event photographer, I will be attending in civvies, because I get overheated too easily and can’t move around well enough otherwise. Also, since at Fort Ti I will actually have a badge around my neck identifying me as such, it would be a bit out of place as a reenactor. 😉 For both Fort Ti and the Napoleonic event, none of my units are attending (or attending in numbers), so I’m actually there just on my own, and will be sleeping in camp car, or in the case of Fort Ti, possibly in a room in the fort if I can finagle it.

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