Photos To Be Known For: Reenactor Portraits

One of the “exercises” I have given myself in this whole “figuring out how the hell to turn this into a living” craziness is to think about what I enjoy shooting and what I want to be known for.  The first step is to figure out what I like shooting, regardless of how feasible it is to make money off of it, to focus purely on the work that I enjoy and that I’m proud of.  Once that’s all done, later on I’ll work on trying to figure out how the hell to monitize it.  For now though, I’m trying to leave the logical side of my brain out of this.

So, this is the first post in what will be a short series of mine called “Photos To Be Known For”.

In looking through my work, many of the shots that I’m most proud of are my reenactor portraits.  They are, not un-coincidentally, also the work that tends to bring the most joy to those I shoot.  One thing that most people notice about my portraits is that they vary rather widely in sentiment, from a near-replication of a period photo (as seen here) to a very modern, traditional portrait of someone very much out of time (such as this one).  I like the fact that I tend to go with what feels “right” for each given moment, rather than restricting myself to a particular “feel”.  I really love getting the chance to shoot such wonderfully unusual people, and since most reenactors have never really had any sort of professional photos taken of them in their gear, it really makes me happy to be able to give back to the community.

The following are some of my more recent favorite reenactor portraits, and are indicative of the style I’d like to continue to strive for.  Please click the cut to see the rest.


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