Last week I went down to La Plata, Maryland to make strawberry jam with a friend of mine.  We took several breaks throughout the day, and at one point her husband called us out into the yard to see something.  It was a black rat snake!  Now, most of you probably don’t know this, but I love snakes, and I used to have six of them as pets when I was a kid.  Rat snakes are not poisonous and are typically fairly friendly, so I picked the 3.5 foot long snake up off the ground.  It was very friendly and I held it and played with it for several minutes.  Though my friend graciously took some photos of me holding the snake, I took some of my own while holding the snake!  It took some careful maneuvering, especially since the snake was constantly in motion, but I like some of the shots I got, and this one is most definitely my favorite.


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  1. Wow–love this shot. Great one!

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